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What causes pallet rack damage?

Forklift impacts, improper loading, and more

Pallet rack systems can be damaged in a variety of ways. Damage is primarily caused by the forklift truck, as it moves in and out of the aisles of racks throughout the day. During the course of loading and unloading the rack, the operator may accidentally hit various components of the system. The damage ranges from bent uprights to broken safety clips. Damage is also caused by placing the wrong size or type of pallets, skids, or containers onto the racking. Damaging and dangerous point loads are created when pallets are too small, skids do not have the correct type of bottom boards, and containers with feet are placed on the racks. These conditions can cause the wire decks to bend and collapse, resulting in product damage and injury to employees.

Click on the images below to view a close-up of pallet rack damage found during inspections.

Racking can also be damaged in the following ways:

  • Overloading the racks with too much weight
  • Changes in the size of the material or the pallet
  • Employee modification of the rack components
  • Lack of forklift operator training
  • Wrong type of equipment used to load the racks

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