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Expert Inspection Of Pallet Rack Storage Systems For Damage & UNSAFE CONDITIONS

Pallet Rack InspectionS

  • Prevent Loss

With our expert pallet rack inspection service, we will perform a thorough inspection of your pallet racking to identify damaged components, improperly loaded pallets, and missing safety features that are creating unsafe working conditions for your employees. Structural deficiencies and safety issues can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but our experienced professionals can identify and help you resolve the issues in order to maintain a safe working environment.

Inspection checklist


Keep up to date in between your Third-Party Rack Inspections by conducting your own!

Use our Pallet Rack Inspections DIY Form to guide you through your own inspection. This easy to use form will allow you to get started today. Perfect for use between your annual inspections performed by an experienced professional. This form allows you to record and repair the obvious hazards in your pallet racks.

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Why You Should Perform Pallet Rack Inspections

Performing Inspections Is Critical To Creating A Safe & Productive Work Environment

Prevent Workplace Accidents

Identify Unsafe Conditions That Can Be Proactively Resolved To Create A Safe Work Environment

Reduce Unexpected Downtime

Inspections Can Identify Needed Repairs Preventing Unexpected Workflow Interruptions


To Keep A Place Of Employment Free From Recognized Hazards

Cost Savings

Identifying & Executing Repairs Can Save Cost From Reduced Capacity & Time Lost

Extend Rack LIfe

Repairing Damaged Rack Can Increase The Lifespan Of Existing Racks By Preventing Further Damage

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50 Years Of Material Handling Experience

Let us share all that we've learned about material handling safety.

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Based out of Pittsburgh, PA - We happily serve clients nationwide.

Racking ExpertIsE

With experience in design & sales of pallet rack systems, our insights go beyond a checklist.


We're committed to completing inspections and producing actionable reports in a timely manner.

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